Canada Beverages Inc.



A slightly sour and citrus soda, created by the careful selection of sweet Sicilian lemons. This thirst quenching soda reflects an Italian tradition. 


Flavoured with rhubard, peel of orange and vanilla. The combination of each specific ingredient gives this soda its unique taste. 


Created combining a product of Italian memory, Chinotto and the spuma nera (burnt sugar) are mixed and carefully crafted to bring a little taste of Italy home. 

Tonica Lemongrass

Pompelmo Fragola 



Spuma Bionda




Made from the juiciest and sweetest Italian oranges, this lightly carbonated popular flavour evokes a sense of tradition. 


Traditional to Italy, infused with five varieties of Italian lemons, this lightly carbonated and sweetened drink is satisfyingly refreshing with every sip. 

Signature to us! We present a combination of pink grapefruit and strawberry to make a lightly carbonated soda that combines an orignal unique taste. 


The union of pure and crystalline tonic water and lemongrass extract creates a very light, refreshing, pleasently bitter soda.